New Purpose Built Clinical Trials Facility Opens.

On Friday 29 April IDT Australia Chairman Mr Graeme Kaufman, together with The Hon. Katrine Hildyard MP Assistant Minister to the Premier, Member for Reynell representing the Hon. Jack Snelling MP Minister for Health Industries, launched a new purpose built clinical trials facility in central Adelaide.

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Faster Clinical Trials, Global Acceptability, & Up To 45% Cash Rebate.

IDT CMAX helps you reach your clinical milestones faster.
By using the Australian Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) scheme we fast-track your product into the clinic without the need to file an IND, saving you 6-9 months of time and money.

Studies are initiated on a local human research ethics committee (HREC) approval, typically within just 6 weeks of submission.

Both US FDA & TGA audited, our studies are fully ICH GCP compliant and comply with the registration requirements of the US FDA, EMEA, Japanese MHW and Canadian HPB.

IDT CMAX has helped a number of our overseas clients register for the Australian R&D Tax Incentive scheme.  This allows eligible companies to claim up to 45% cash rebate on qualifying R&D spend.


We are Australia’s largest and most experienced Phase I clinical trials unit, with a 21 year track-record, an impressive global regulatory history and over 13,000 active volunteers on our database.  Since our establishment in 1993, we have consistently maintained world class standards with a total commitment to providing excellence and quality in all areas of clinical trials, from volunteer and patient Phase I studies through to Phase II-IV clinical trials.  Our 50-bed Phase I unit is ideally located opposite the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and includes a 24-bed ambulatory cardiac telemetry monitoring system.

Our large database of volunteers allows for specific age, gender, ethnicity and other demographical requirements to be readily recruited, and our access to independent weekly HREC review meetings means fast study start-up times are routine.

First Time In Human Studies.

IDT CMAX specialises in first time in human studies and have conducted over 75 to date.  We ensure your drug will have the best chance of success at this first important clinical stage of development.  We can assist with study design and preparation of adaptive study protocols.

Contact us to discuss your clinical trial requirements and fast study start up times.

Areas of Expertise.
We have run a large number of trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas:

# Trials
Pain / Anaesthesia (inc. S8)     55
Dermatology     38
Metabolism / Endocrinology     36
Infectious Diseases     33
Vaccine     33
Monoclonal Antibody     26
Neurological     21
Oncology     17
Women’s Health     15
Allergy / Respiratory     14
Renal     10
Gastrointestinal      9
Cardiovascular      7
Rheumatology      6
Japanese      4
Haematology      4

(Data as of 01/Mar/2015)

R&D Tax Credits.
As IDT is a Registered Research Agency with the Australian Industry Research and Development Board, clients may be eligible for a 45 Cents in the Dollar Cash Rebate or a 40% Tax Shield on eligible R&D activities undertaken by IDT under the R&D Tax Incentive scheme.
This scheme is available to overseas companies.

Contact us to find out more about accessing this scheme.