Our Services

We have the experience, expertise and the technology to manage all of your drug development and commercial production requirements.

We are experienced in the multifaceted challenges of drug development and have a collaborative approach that is innovative and reliable, ensuring we deliver our projects on time, within budget and to the highest global quality standards.

Whether it is API synthesis, finished dose product manufacturing, analytical testing or clinical packaging, we can tailor a flexible and responsive approach to suit your project’s needs.

Please see the comprehensive lists below for more details on our specialised services.

  • Aqueous Film Coating
  • Compression (35,000-200,000 tablets/hour)
  • Dry blending (0.5-40 kg blend)
  • Roller compaction
  • Tableting facility
  • 22 L, 4×100 L, 2×400 L and 2×4,000 L Reactors
  • β-lactam API and Finished Product