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About us

IDT Australia is an expert partner in the production and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, including medicinal cannabis.

We specialise in high containment, high potency manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dose Forms (FDF), microbiological and analytical testing, clinical packaging, and pharmacy services.

For more than four decades, we've brought expertise and innovation to local and international pharmaceutical projects. We specialise in high containment, high potency manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dose Forms (FDF), as well as offering a full suite of contract manufacturing services.

We've been involved in developing >60 marketed drugs across our forty-year history.

Our history

In 1965 Dean of the Victorian College of Pharmacy Nigel Manning and his colleagues conceived an idea: to establish an institute of industrial pharmacy. This ambition was included in the Victorian College of Pharmacy Campus’ development strategy in 1970 and was realised five years later.

On October 14 1975, the Institute of Drug Technology Limited (IDT) was established as an independent company, and as an academic-industrial interface operating in conjunction with the Victorian College of Pharmacy Limited (VCP).

Between 1975 and 1982, IDT Australia established a reputation for providing high-quality contract and consultancy services. It relied on academic staff from the VCP as consultants and employed a small cohort of full- time scientists. Its mission was to further the drug and allied industries in Australia.

In 1982 Dr Graeme Blackman, then a Senior Lecturer at the VCP was appointed Chairman and Executive Director and Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Under his guidance, the company continued to prosper and commenced a new phase of growth.

In May 1982 the company transitioned from a private company to an unlisted public company. Shortly after, IDT Australia announced its acquisition of the Nicholas Kiwi Central Laboratories (NKCL). On February 12, 1988, IDT Australia was listed on the ASX, following the issue of approximately 24% of capital to public investors.

Today the IDT Australia business includes:

  • Research and development
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Finished 
Dosage Form Manufacture (FDF), clinical and commercial
  • Project management
  • Chemical services
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Pharmacy services
  • Pharmaceutical development in all dosage forms
  • Clinical packaging (for early phase clinical trials)
  • Regulatory affairs services

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