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IDT Pharma

from api r&d to finished dose manufacture

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IDT Pharma specialises in the development, scale-up, and cGMP clinical and commercial manufacture of high potency and cytotoxic API and finished drug product.  Since 1975 we have gained extensive experience developing cytotoxics, anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, beta lactams and controlled drugs.  Our API facilities offer fully scalable processes from laboratory R&D to commercial scale using multistep chemical synthesis in both dedicated and flexible (ISO 8) manufacturing space streamlining your scale up pathway.

Oral finished dosage forms such as powders, hard gelatin capsules and film coated tablets are manufactured from small R&D and clinical trial scale through to commercial volumes in full containment suites and our state of the art, dedicated beta lactam commercial manufacturing facility can manufacture beta lactam API, tablets and sterile parenterals (lyophilisation) in vials.

Full Service

Full analytical method development, validation and testing (including microbiology) of both API’s and finished dosage forms can  be conducted in our high containment laboratories to enable analysis of highly toxic or highly potent products, along with stability testing under all ICH conditions.

IDT Australia also offers a comprehensive range of specialist clinical trial labelling, packaging and dispensing services and can manufacture, under cGMP, active and placebo clinical trial supplies in a wide variety of dosage forms, including tablets, coated tablets, capsules, suspensions, liquids, sprays, patches, lyophilised powders and ointments.

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Our Facilities:

API Manufacturing Facilities
General Containment Facilities
20-50 (x4), 60, 100 (x2), 250 and 400 litre
HEPA filtered air (in and out) ISO8
Closed system for equipment
Protection for operators
Waste Incinerated
Non-containment 400 and 2000 litre reactors
β-lactam API and Finished Product
22, 4×100, 2×400 and 2×4,000 litre
Sterile lyophilised facility
20-5000 vials
Tablet facility
Roller compaction
Dry blending
0.5-40kg blend
Drug Product – Oral
Oral Dosage Forms – Capsules and Tablets
High containment environment
Manufacture from small scale to commercial
Up to 85,000 units / hour
API and Finished Dosage Form development
Analytical method development
Dry blending / Wet granulation
Film coating
Drug Product – Injectable
Small run sterile fill-finish and lyophilization
Class A sterile filling room
Vial filling – 4,000 / hr, half or full
5mL – 100mL vials
Freeze dryer
3,000 20mL vial capacity
-55 to +80C
Sterile liquid, powder or lyophilized filling
Analytical Services
Method validation / verification
Compendial testing
Stability testing (ICH conditions)
Microbiology testing
Cleaning validation
Identity testing
Related substances
Residual solvents
Limit testing
Melting point
Clarity (Turbidimeter)
Foreign matter
Specific optical rotation
Uniformity of dosage
Hardness / Friability / Disintegration
Chemical monitoring
Clinical Packaging Services
Comparator sourcing
Placebo manufacture
Clinical labelling
Randomisation & blinding
Assembly of patient kits
Storage of clinical trial supplies (-20C, 2-8C, 15-25C)
Distribution to trial sites
Temperature controlled & cold chain logistics